Scholarship Information 

Criteria for Determining Scholarship Recipients: 

  • Must be a current ENA member.

  • Completion of the application, including all required documentation by midnight of deadline date Eastern Standard Time.

  • Successful completion of the semester of study based on Academic Institution’s standards (if applicable).

  • Applicants who have not received a scholarship from Indiana ENA in the past 12 months will have first consideration over those that have received a scholarship from Indiana ENA in the past 12 months.

  • Consideration will be given to one each of BSN, MSN, and Doctoral levels of education, should there be applicants in all three levels.

  • Voting members will have first consideration for the scholarship over non-voting members.

  • Candidate will be reimbursed for expenses after course at a maximum of $500.

  • Reimbursement must be completed in calendar year that candidate is applying for scholarship. For example if applying in 2019, reimbursement must be submitted by December 31, 2019.

  • Any member of the education committee or members having voting rights on scholarships is considered ineligible for scholarship consideration. This will include the scholarship committee members and the Indiana ENApresident.

Deadlines for Submission: 

  • April 1st for Spring Applications - Scholarships will be awarded at the April State Council Meeting.

  • October 1st for Fall Applications - Scholarships will be awarded at the October State Council Meeting.

Scholarship Details: 

  • Scholarships will be awarded for up to $500.00 USD each.

  • Winners of the Indiana ENA Scholarship will be notified by Email and scholarship checks will be mailed by the Indiana ENA Treasurer after all reimbursement documents are submitted.

  • Documents must be submitted within the calendar year requesting the scholarship.

  • If the date of the course/event has passed and the applicant has proof of attendance at the course, the scholarship can be awarded to the applicant based on their proof of attendance.


Should you have questions, please email