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October 1, 2019- AFN Regional Conference on Elder Abuse

Join your AFN Colleagues at the Baltimore 2019 Regional Conference this October 1st! Build your knowledge base, and enhance your forensic nursing response to suspected or actual elder abuse. Participants will examine social drivers behind the elder abuse problem, discuss validated screening tools and evidence supported clinical findings of elder abuse and neglect, and establish a clinical response model strategy for Forensic Nurses.

Case studies will be evaluated as well as development of policies and protocols for use in medical forensic departments. Participants will also gain experience from a Best Practice Model in establishing a Coordinated Community Response to elder abuse, neglect and maltreatment.


  • Elder Abuse Problem: Ecological Model of Social Drivers

  • Contributing Factors to Elder Abuse Under-Identification & Response

  • Screening Instruments & Data Sources

  • Identification by Clinical Indicators

  • Forensic Nursing Response

  • Elder Abuse Policies, Procedures & Protocols

  • Safe Discharge, Patient Education & Empowerment

  • Case Applications

  • Establishing a Coordinated Community Response

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