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August 28, 2018: Handling Strangulation Cases at the Frontlines- Part One "He choked me, I thought I was going to die."

Part 1 - "He choked me.  I thought I was going to die." will cover:

  • Updates on the Danger Assessment Tool and new research on Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Understanding the impact of an of anoxic injury, traumatic brain injuries and delayed consequences
  • How to explain the medical aspects of strangulation and suffocation to victims
  • What to do when the victim answers YES to question about being "choked"
  • Tools from the Institute to help front-line workers
  • Emerging practices at Family Justice Centers and DOVE
  • How to support a survivor who has been strangled and potentially suffering from the long-term consequences of strangulation such as traumatic brain injury
  • Practical tips from the panel, the field and survivors


  • Improve our understanding of the immediate, delayed, and long-term health consequences of non-fatal strangulation
  • Discuss promising practices emerging at Family Justice Centers, hospitals, and/or multi-agency organizations
  • Review the Danger Assessment Tool and new research
  • Provide practical approaches for front-line staff at Centers on how to best provide services and support for survivors of strangulation