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February 20, 2018-Transgender Community, Violence and Culture Change

As we all know, sexual assault and intimate partner violence are widespread, and there is no demographic group that is immune to these forms of violence. Many of these demographic groups get more attention than others. How often do we think about the violence that is directed toward the transgender community? This webinar will do just that. Meghan Buell, a transgender educator, will discuss… More cultural attributes and social stigmas that open the door for such violence. She will also introduce data to show the prevalence of violence committed against trans individuals. Attendees will be introduced and connected to best practices and resources to help them create trans-inclusive cultures in their own organizations and communities. Don’t miss this unique and thought-provoking presentation.

Meghan Buell is the Founder and Board President of TREES, Inc., a transgender-specific educational nonprofit. She is a leader in the transgender community locally in Indiana, regionally and nationally. TREES, Inc. has worked with organizations such as Geminus Prevention Services, Youth Move Indiana and the Family Justice Center of St. Joseph County to bring more transgender awareness to communities all over Indiana. In addition to her work with her organization, Meghan guest lectures at colleges and presents at conferences around the country. She also works as an educator in her local public school system. Meghan is active on boards and committees in her community and mentors transgender youth and families across Indiana. She is a lifelong resident of Indiana currently living in South Bend. Meghan is an out and proud transgender woman.