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October 10, 2017-Pediatric Strangulation, Part I

This webinar will highlight the unique challenges faced by medical providers and investigators when working with children who have histories or suspected histories of a strangulation assault. We will review some of the anatomic and physiologic differences between child and adult victims, as well as the ways child victims might present. Current recommendations for the acute, medical evaluation of pediatric strangulation will be discussed, as well as a current project to gain expert consensus on the best imaging studies to use in children. Finally, we will give a sneak peek at best practices for clinical and photo documentation which will be the subject of our Pediatric Strangulation Part 2 webinar scheduled in 2018.


1)            Discuss the body of literature and research that addresses pediatric strangulation.

2)            Identify differences in anatomy, physiology, and mechanism for the child or adolescent who has been strangled.

3)            Compare the clinical spectrum of symptoms & physical findings that may present in a child or adolescent who has been strangled.

4)            Analyze case studies that include a history of strangulation assault.

5)            Discuss recommendations for imaging studies for the pediatric patient who describes strangulation.