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ENA Endorses Air Ambulance Quality Legislation

The ENA Board of Directors recently approved the endorsement of new legislation related to quality and accountability in the provision of air ambulance services. The Air Ambulance Quality and Accountability Act (H.R. 3780), introduced by Reps. Richard Hudson (R-NC) and Joseph Kennedy (D-MA), will lead to the establishment of minimum standards for air ambulance providers in Medicare. Additionally, the bill would improve the quality of these services by requiring providers to report on costs as well as link future payments to the capabilities of providers, as well as the quality of care delivered. A focus on quality would lead to a closer examination and implementation of needed reforms with respect to the safety of patients and crew.

ENA includes among its members nurses who work as part of air ambulance flight crews, including those who have lost their lives providing these critical services. A letter of support for the legislation was submitted to the bill's sponsors on October 19.