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IN HB 1474 - Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Indiana House Bill 1474 (regarding APRN Full Practice authority) is set to go to committee on Monday February 20, 2017, where proposed amendments may be made. This is the final chance for this bill to make it out of committee and on to the full house chamber.

No public testimony will be held on Monday, however there is still time to contact the committee members TODAY! Since the bill is likely open to compromise type amendments be specific in your message to the committee members. One amendment that might be on the table is a graduated collaborative practice where a novice APRN is required to operate in a collaborative practice for a few years before advancing to independent practice. 

Email the committee members TODAY to support this bill
Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer (Chair) 
Rep. Ron Bacon (Vice Chair) 
Rep. Robert Behning   
Rep. Steve Davisson   
Rep. Dave Frizzell    
Rep. Don Lehe       
Rep. Hal Slager  
Rep. Dennis Zent              
Rep. Cindy Ziemke              
Rep. Robin Shackleford       
Rep. B. Patrick Bauer            
Rep. Charlie Brown              
Rep. Greg Porter