Indiana ENA Chapter 131 Celebrates a "Day in the Life of an ED Nurse"

Chapter 131 had another successful “Day in the Life of an ED Nurse” experience with local nursing students. Indiana ENA members, Lesley Myers, BSN, RN, Kelly Smith, BSN, RN, Stacy Maitha, BSN, RN, Pam McGlocklin, MSN, RN and Michael Kukulka, BSN, RN assisted the students. The experience consisted of an “on scene” demonstration with Bloomington Hospital Ambulance Service, two high fidelity simulation scenarios in a hospital setting, and a transportation demonstration with an IU Health LifeLine helicopter and crew.

The EMS demonstration involved caring for a pediatric trauma patient involved in an ATV crash and focused on the interventions EMS can implement in the field. This helped to provide the students with the EMS perspective and challenges they face on a daily basis. It also highlighted how invaluable, necessary and how resourceful prehospital staff are in providing high quality patient care.

The in-hospital simulations continued the care of the pediatric trauma patient with a focus on Emergency Nurses use ENPC and TNCC knowledge and skills to provide evidenced based care to patients. The nurses and students worked through the trauma algorithm and highlighted how nursing care is prioritized during a trauma evaluation.

Our second simulation involved a patient who required cardiac stabilization. Due to the simulated patient condition, it is necessary to transfer the patient to another facility for definitive cardiac. This allowed a discussion of the various levels of patient care with the students and emphasized the idea that not all hospitals are alike, but as Emergency Nurses, we need to be prepared to care for any type of patient. This patient scenario allowed discussion of medications, their effects on the body, and the need for continuous monitoring and reassessment throughout the patient’s stay until transport arrived. This allowed the students to have a broader sense of what considerations Emergency Nurses have to make when we work with limited capabilities at smaller, critical access or rural hospitals. The final simulation tied right into IU Health LifeLine discussing their role and capabilities. It allowed the students to explore a working medical helicopter and speak with the crew and pilot.

The “Day in the Life of an ED Nurse” is an annual event developed and presented by members of the Indiana ENA Chapter 131 as our way to give back to the profession and show what Emergency Nurses do on a daily basis.

Indiana ENA Representation at the 2018 LifeLine Critical Care Symposium

IENA- 2018.03.02- IENA Lifeline Conference.jpeg

Ryan Williams, MBA, MSN, RN, CEN, Indiana ENA 2018 State President, has a goal to increase membership in Indiana ENA in 2018, and he is taking action!

In late February, Nurse Williams was approached by IU Health LifeLine about sponsoring a table at their annual Critical Care Symposium.  Thinking outside of the box, Nurse Williams agreed, considering the opportunity to tout the benefits of membership in ENA and to make contact with potential new members. 

He ordered membership materials from ENA, solicited help for manning the table via social media, and was on site to talk with attendees at the conference throughout the day, along with other members, Tracy Ballard, BSN, RN, CEN, TCRN, India Owens, MSN, RN, CEN, NE-BC, FAEN and Meredith Addison, MSN, RN, CEN, FAEN.  The talking points regarding the value of ENA membership were networking, a member driven organization, support for the specialty of emergency nursing and collaboration with other emergency care entities.

Contact was made with many EMS providers in addition to nurses.  Many in the EMS community were impressed and appreciative of ENA’s work on passage of the “Bill Protecting Access to Emergency Medications Act of 2017”. That acknowledgement led to an invitation to host a table at the annual Run With Shears event, which promotes EMS recognition and whose profits go towards efforts to create an EMS memorial in Indiana.  Another opportunity to reach out to potential members, both voting and affiliate.  Look for an opportunity to serve at this event in the near future!

Copy provided by India Owens, MSN, RN, CEN, NE-BC, FAEN