Emergency nurses practice in an environment that has been called permanent whitewater, where constant change, challenge, and crisis are the reality. Amazing stories occur each day and some of these stories may never be acknowledged or written. The ENA achievement awards provide an opportunity to recognize not only exemplary professionals, but also exemplary emergency departments, talented and committed state leaders, and leaders active in the determination of health care policy. Eligibility, requirements, and criteria may vary depending on the award category.

Nomination Process

  • Selection of Award Category 
    • Descriptions, requirements, and criteria vary for each award. 
    • Please thoroughly review all of the award descriptions, requirements and criteria to ensure that the award suits the nominee. 
    • Individuals may not nominate themselves. 
  • Contact Information - Nominee and Nominator 
    • Contact information for both you and the nominee is required. 
  • Narrative Statements #1 and #2 – limited to 200 words for each criterion 
    • Narrative Statements #1 and #2 must be written by two different people. 
    • Each Statement must address each of the required criteria. Each criterion response is limited to a maximum of 200 words. 
    • Statements should use specific examples as to how the nominee meets each criterion listed for the award. Avoid general st atements that are not relevant, such as “he/she is a nice person.” 

Individual award descriptions and requirements can be found in the Indiana ENA annual award handbook. All requirements must be met in order to nominate a candidate for an Indiana ENA achievement award.