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Candidate for President

Ruth Johnson

Hello! My name is Ruth Johnson. I am an Emergency Department nurse at Elkhart General Hospital. I have over 9 years of experience as a nurse, with 7 of those in the ED. I have had the opportunity to work in multiple ED’s with varying clientele, styles, and communities. This experience has taught me much. No ED is the same. No ED handles problems in the same way, yet each has a unique role in the health of our population.

As a child of two teachers, education runs in my blood. I believe education for nurses is essential both personally and professionally. When the ED nurse is well-educated and confident in their own skills, they become information bridges, allowing patients to regain control of their situations, bettering their knowledge, and assisting them with compliance. The simple act of sitting down with patients and their families builds emotional connections, reduces anxiety, and supports improved outcomes. This connection also improves open communication and early prediction of complications before they arise. 

Candidate for Secretary

Samantha Fisher

My name is, Samantha Fisher, and I am the current Trauma Program Manager for Elkhart General Hospital. I started as a ER tech in 2001 in South Carolina and became a registered nurse in 2008. I received my AND through Bethel college in Mishawaka, IN and then by BSN from IUSB in 2010. I have worked as an Emergency Department nurse for the past 10 years and am passionate about Emergency and trauma education.

I’m married to my best friend who is a Sergeant in the military. We have 5 busy children under the age of 8 and one timer old dog and one new pup. I look forward to helping chapter 246 become a thriving chapter with hard work, determination, and creative team building.

Candidate for Treasurer

Sarah Diehl

My name is, Sarah Diehl, I am new to the ENA and just celebrated my first year as a nurse. I hope to bring fresh eyes to the 246 chapter and would like to represent chapter 246 as the treasurer. I am an experienced paramedic of 10 years and can provide a unique perspective. I am currently training to run a 10k in October and I have 2 dogs, Haas and Harley, that enjoy running with me when I’m not working.